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Once upon a time there was a magical garden that was home to many enchanting creatures that only showed themselves to children. It created a new adventure to enjoy every time the children visited.

Over the years many princes and princess came to visit the garden and know its magic. Each and every one had their own adventure in Nan’s Garden, creating stories of adventure, excitement and mystery to share with their friends.

Nan was the caretaker of the magical garden and ensured that love and joy went into every new garden bed she created. Each and every adventure was carefully planned and made to create memories that would last a lifetime. In order to create her magical adventures, Nan calls on the creatures that live in her magical garden to help her. The fairies, birds, goblins and creatures help Nan to gather all the things she needs; nothing was every wasted.

One day, it was a very special day in the garden. It was the day little Amelia was born. Nan knew she had to create the most special adventure for this little one. She called on the fairies to gather silk from the silk worms, the goblins gathered up her great aunts wedding dress and the birds flew in all the pretty ribbons. The little mice carefully carried in the pearl buttons and the bearded dragons brought the lace from her grandmother’s petticoat to finish. Nan sat at her very special sewing machine and worked her magic. When she had finished the butterflies carried it carefully over to little Amelia. Nan had created a gown fit for the little princess that would bring magic and laughter to the garden.

As the little princess grew, the fairies and dragons watched over her. They collected beautiful things for Nan to create more adventures for her so her childhood was filled with magical journeys, enchanted tea parties and the occasional epic battle with her brother.

Now that the little princess has grown, she has never forgotten the delightful and charming adventures she had as a child. Now, with the help of the enchanting creatures of Nan’s Garden, she and Nan create garments that are fit for the finest adventures. 

Come with us on the next enchanting adventure.

Nan's Garden - home of the blanket Elephants!
Our environmentally friendly clothes and toys are made from sustainable products such as bamboo and organic cotton so not only are they kind to the environment, they are super soft for your little one. Our item are hand dyed and hand sewn by one of our two mums so you know lots of love has been sewn into each and every item. We try and incorporate as much upcycled materials, vintage fabrics, vintage patterns and vintage buttons as we can.

Don't forget to plant your tag and watch a little bit of Nan's garden grow at your place.

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Bling Headband - Flower Hot Pink
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Newborn Bamboo Baby Nightcap
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Flower Crown - Pink Dogwood
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Leather Soft Pre Walkers - cat
Eco Elle - Baby blue and Purple
Baby blue and purple elle

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